The Black Vote

by on 22 August, 2016

By Rowan Cravey

It is taken as a given that black people in the US vote Democrat. Nothing is written or demanded that they do this, but election after election, blacks almost solely vote Democrat. This is a foolish behaviour goaded on by the race politics of victimised blacks and self-flagellating white SJWs.

‘But Republicans are racists!’ You might say. ‘They only care about white people!’ You may hear.

This is untrue and reflects the stupidity and misinformed/uninformed nature of those who say such things. I am the first one to note that the Republicans have their problems. And even though I am told that as a gay man, I should despise the Republicans for people like Rick Santorum saying the wonderful things he says, I say that despite the imperfections of any one particular party, the Republican Party has far outstripped the Democrats in terms of what has been and could be delivered.

The best (or worst depending on how you see it) example is Detroit. Detroit was once a working city just like any other. Now, it is filled with poverty, huge welfare dependence and has been controlled by the Democrats for years. The party that is ostensibly the one of tolerance and love for minorities has led Detroit, through their socialist economic direction, metaphorically into the ground. The crime rate is 5 times higher than the national average of the US, the unemployment rate of Detroit is 18.6%, way above the national rate of 7.6%, and the city is $20 billion in debt.

Even though the city is majority black (78%) and has been run by their friends, the Democrats, the city is crumbling under incompetence and the inability to serve the people.

So along comes God-Emperor TrumpTM to save the day. He recently spoke to a rally that blacks should vote for him because they had nothing to lose, given the history of the Democrats and black Americans. While most of what Trump says could possibly be phrased and delivered better, he is dead right. Democrats, like the Left and SJWs more broadly, claim to be the morally righteous people or society and only they are able to give blacks a good life. There has been no talk from Clinton or other Leftists and race baiters like Al Sharpton (Black victimiser No. 1) about enabling blacks to start businesses, to remove the welfare dependency that has plagued so many for so long, to resist the entitlement mentality so many have and tell them to make their own life theirs and not rely on the magnanimous and benevolent Democrats to give them everything they want.

Now Trump may not deliver on all that he says, and only time will tell that, but one thing is clear. That Democrats are not the friend of blacks, as much as they might like to tell themselves. Republicans and Libertarians believe in leading one’s own life and getting away from the patronising and infantilising attitude of the Left and the SJWs. Blacks may not want to vote for Trump himself, given that not everyone will be able to agree with his policies, but the Democratic vote is a vote for what has happened to Detroit over the past few decades and all the disadvantage that blacks there have suffered.

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