Teen Cannabis Use Lowers IQ, Despite Claims to Contrary

by on 20 January, 2013

If ever you stumble upon a radio talkback discussion on the effects of pot smoking tune in, it's marvellous comedy. It's like honey to long-term potheads who go on air to extol the virtues of smoking dope.

The announcer: Welcome Fred and how long have you been smoking dope?

Fred: Hey man, like, er, how long was what man – what was the question?

Announcer: Do you think cannabis effects your brain?

Fred: Hey man, I've been toking daily, sometimes all day, for 40 years man, and to tell you the truth, my brain is sharper than ever it was before when it wasn't as sharp as now. I get good ideas now, but I forget most of 'em.

Announcer: Fred, do you have job, do you work?

Fred: Work, did you say, shit man, I grow me own and that's bloody work, a full time job man.

Announcer: I think we'll leave that one there listeners, I can hear the police knocking down Fred's door. GC.Ed.

A new study published in the scholarly journal PNAS questions the conclusion ofa paper from last year that was widely seen as greatly strengthening the evidence that regular cannabis use beginning in adolescence and continuing throughout young adulthood causes a decline in IQ by the late 30s.

In the original study, co-author of this article Madeline Meier and her colleagues assessed changes in IQ and specific cognitive abilities between adolescence and the age of 38 in 1,037 New Zealanders. All the subjects were born in Dunedin in 1972 or 1973.

Toke more: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/science/teen-cannabis-use-lowers-iq-despite-claims-to-contrary-336149.html

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