Liberals Back Away from Liberal Values

Kerrod GreamKerrod Gream takes aim at the backing down of the government from changes to the racial discrimination act.

The Liberal Government this week has shown that its talk of being small government, and the early stages of a solid government are over. After a budget that is still projected to have a deficit of $30billion(only $4billion worth of savings made over Swan’s projections) the government hasn’t had much going its way, other than the repeal of the carbon tax. They have shelved the Paid Parental Scheme, which seems good on the surface, but Hockey and the frontbench have still come out suggesting that it’ll be ready to go for July next year continuing on Hockey’s big spending plans for Australia.

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I am an ethnic minority and I oppose Section 18C


Virad Mathur articulates how 18C infringes on the right of freedom of speech while doing little to protect minorities

I belong to a visible ethnic minority group. In a crowd of people I don’t know, I am often most easily identifiable by my skin colour. Laws such as the Racial Discrimination Act, including the controversial section 18C were written to ensure people like me are not disadvantaged and discriminated against because of our ethnicity.

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