Special delivery for Tony Burke

by on 6 September, 2013

Image0055Dear Mr Tony,

please sir have this present for all you done make us people smugglers plenty money. It is make from old boats not burned by your navy and decorate by lovely refugee ladies.

We are plenty worry you have arse kicked in saturday election and new man Rabbit stop our good business that make rich.

Please Mr tony you be very alert with boat, it not good for water because big hole in arse make sinking happen. If your bed sink, call Australian Navy. I make joke like Mr Rudd!

If you not have place in your house for this present your Mr Morrison man give you plenty money for buyback plan. If new Rabbit boss no good you put family and plenty labor friends on bed-boat and come to my house. We make plenty rich doing more people smugglers business.

Your friends, 

Captain Ali-bin-bildin-lotsaboats.

C/- Ali's aussie-tours, Bilgewater Indonesia

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