Save our backpackers from the state

by on 19 August, 2016

By Satyajeet Marar

Meet Helga


“Hallo, could you point me to ze nearest discothecque, Ja? Zis jungle juice ist tooo guut”

Helga is a loo$e cannon who once dropped 2 pills in Ibiza and cried to her friends the next morning about missing her ex-boyfriend whom she lost to a tragic Hazelnut schnapps overdose.

Helga has done some things she regrets. But when it comes to Australia, Helga just wants to do one thing – pick your fruit! And she’ll do it for cheap too. Because Helga for all of her German citizenship, is a true Ozzy patriot who unlike a large proportion of Australians, doesn’t take for granted how good we have it here and the great opportunities afforded by our beloved isle girt by sea.

helga 2

“I gently massage zis grapes for ze maximum efficiency. Do not question me.”

We need people like Helga. Not only do they support our nightclubs, hostels, bars and tourist spots but they also provide some much needed labour for our regional farmers who just can’t find enough locals willing to do the grunt work needed for a bountiful harvest.

Unfortunately, our government doesn’t seem to think so.

Because the fat bastards in charge don’t think that backpackers like Helga pay their ‘fair share’ – Even though her income would put her well below the taxable threshold as a local.

They want their share. And it’s not 10% or even 20%, but a whopping 32.5% of Helga’s income!

helga 3


helga 4

“You lot care so much about foreigners, but what ‘bout da ridgy-didge battlas of straya? Can’t find me own chin, mate *snort* *snort*” – local tax policy advisor

In a nutshell – the government, no longer content on allowing farmers in dire need of workers and holiday makers in dire need of a means-of-support to freely contract and mutually benefit, wants to sink its grubby fingers into the pie.

Not only would this seriously harm our agricultural and tourism industries, it would also incentivise the hiring of undocumented or illegal immigrants to fill up labour shortfalls, leaving them open to exploitation and creating problems for our Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

To make matters worse, the government is taking public submissions into a review of the policy over a shockingly short, rushed timeframe – and is doing it right before the harvest season when our farmers will need to rely on seasonal foreign workers the most.

helga 5

Pictured: Undocumented foreign worker on an Australian farm

It also means that our backpackers who bring so much needed stimulus to our economy will be attracted to other, more welcoming countries. Countries which recognise their contribution and understand their need to support themselves while they explore a new land.

helga 6

Pictured: Helga with friendly, local co-workers in New Zealand

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