Once upon a time

by on 4 August, 2013

by Jim McCrudden

Once upon a time there was a world where leaders adopted the line, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

President Teddy Roosevelt, facing ransom demands for the release of a captured American citizen, Perdicaris, by a Moroccan, Raisuli, had a telegram released giving the US response, “Perdicaris alive, or Raisuli dead.”

Every pollie since has tried to come up with such a memorable line, but is driven back to the bland, ‘we don’t negotiate, blah blah’.

To some extent they did try not to but with the coming of Obama things changed – ordinary terrorists? No negotiating, Muslim terrorists? wellll!

This President, this minute, is negotiating with the Taliban in Afghanistan – the very terrorists that the US sacrificed men to fight and eradicate – to share power there with President Kharzi. And not only the US is fighting terrorist there; Australia has been there since 2001 fighting the Taliban under Operation Slipper.

This President ordered US military to join forces with the terrorist rebels to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya and give Al Qaeda its very own nation with a voice in the UN. Not saying Qaddafi was a papabile but he did respect Australian war dead, the new mob trashed their graves.

This President helped the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood push out President Mubarak in Egypt. Then sent them money. Then cut off the money to the new government when the Brotherhood got ousted in a coup.

This President hired an Al Qaeda-associated Militia in Libya to “protect” the US Consul, Stevens, and other Americans in Libya from Al Qaeda. The result was that Stevens and three others were murdered and their corpses desecrated. Obama then directed a cover-up, lied that it had been a spontaneous riot over a stupid short video unrelated to terrorists, and took no action to punish the murderers. He did arrest the maker of the video, of course. Of course. That’s his style.

This President is now intending to provide weapons to more even Jihadists, this time in Syria – where it is notorious that Al Qaeda has flocked to once again – to help them take over yet another country.

Two weeks ago Reuters revealed that the US House and Senate Intel Committees had frozen Obama’s funding of the Syria rebels due to the potential for another monumental foul-up of Kevin Rudd proportions and, as the whole population is overwhelmingly opposed to intervention in Syria, it was thought that this might encourage Congress to hold the line, and stop aiding terrorists.

But there is no amount of public disapproval that will stop the pants-piddling Republicans for stooping over for Obama. Opposing him on anything brings tirades of abuse from what passes for journalism there. Congress has just announced that Obama can go ahead funding the terrorists with some “strong” (ROFL) reservations.

Oddly they announced this after the Taliban issued their media release that they were Syria bound to fight a holy war there.

Has Obama got a hot line to Al Qaeda? Are they getting a bit of the US tax dollar too?

Would anybody be surprised?

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