Of blame deflected

by on 13 June, 2013


Waleed Aly says our responses to terrorism are not about the loss of innocent life—we only think it is.  He also claims terrorism is just a perpetual irritant. Aly would have us believe that while terrorism is an inconvenient pain in the butt, it kills relatively few people and is not any kind of existential threat. Such thinking conveniently ignores the London bombings, the killing of over 3,000 innocent people at the World Trade Centre, the two Bali bombings and a string of terrorist bombings and thwarted terrorism threats here in Australia.

Aly, is an Austraian-born Muslim who thinks multiculturalism doesn't lead to parallel societies, or isolated sub-cultures, as he calls them.  He doesn't believe there is any link between multiculturalism and terrorism.  This claim, of course, dismisses the experience of countries such as France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and lately England, all of which are either legislating, or about to legislate, the end of multiculturalism. Aly completely ignores the words of Lee Kuan Yew, the father of modern Singapore, who said that only Muslims refused to be integrated into the Singaporean society.

In light of all we know about radical Islamists it is amazing that Aly can say “the reason that the far enemy is conspiring against the Muslims to keep them divided is because there exists a vast global conspiracy against Muslims everywhere. They just don’t like Muslims.”  Being an apologist for Islam he says that the reason Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri murdered Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh in a terrorist attack was because Bouyeri didn’t like that way that Dutch politics was finally waking up to Muslims and had deported 20,000 of them back to where they came from.

Aly says that we are intent on punishing illegal immigrants; he calls them asylum seekers. Is that because they are Muslims?  His one-eyed view of Muslims in Australia completely dismisses the fact that they entered this country illegally without documentation, lied to authorities, and have established Muslim enclaves in our major cities.  They refuse to integrate, and some community leaders are demanding Sharia law replace our legal and judicial systems. Aly seems to ignore that 88.5 per cent of illegals are still unemployed after five years in Australia and the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims make little if any effort to separate themselves from the radicals amongst them. 

Television footage of the Sydney riot did nothing to improve West’s disrespect for Islam. Supporters of thuggish, anti-social behaviour seem to think that respect should be given but provide no hint that they understand respect must be earned.

Efforts to integrate Muslims into the Australian way will stagnate and dry up while we have politicians such as the Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus who defended radical Muslim cleric, Sheik Feiz Mohammad an Australian born Islamic preacher of Lebanese origin whose radical videos inspired the Boston bombers. 

Amon Ross, a concerned resident of Sydney, said of the events and radical elements of the Islamic community within Australia:

“They’ve rioted in our streets and assaulted our police officers. They’ve raped our women and said they deserve it. They laugh at and in our courts. They’re shooting up the southwest of Sydney. They’re advocating for Shariah. Every time we fly on a plane, we’re reminded of what they have done to the world.

“They’ve told us that our culture and way of life is inferior to theirs. We’ve caught home grown Muslims plotting to blow up our military bases and power plants. We now have a special police squad dealing with Middle Eastern Crime. Many make no effort to be Australian or surrender the culture of their old home. … And our politicians refuse to acknowledge there is a problem.”

Recent plans for a special police squad to target Middle East crime gang violence on the basis of escalating shootings in South West Sydney were immediately criticised by Muslim spokesman Keyser Trad on the basis of it being insulting to Muslims because there were bikies involved in the shootings too.  What Trad didn't say was that they are Lebanese bikie gangs and other bikie gangs with a high Middle Eastern membership.

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