Not even true to themselves

by on 16 March, 2013

Islamvaa_thumbAccording to many observers Brother Razvi brings new meaning to the term, "honour among thieves." His apology for the no-show of his key attraction, the speaker who would attract the bulk of paying attendees, came but a day before kick-off.

Advertised as "Australian Islamic Peace Conference" stalls were offered to other church groups.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders received no such easy ride with the media. GC.Ed.-at-Large.

BROTHER Waseem Razvi, the organiser of the Australian Islamic Peace Conference, opened the event in front of about 2000 faithful yesterday with two apologies.

Advertised keynote speaker Sheik Abdul Rahman al-Sudais – the imam of the Grand Mosque of Mecca, whose invitation had drawn opprobrium from Jewish, Christian and interfaith groups concerned about his calls for the annihilation of the Jews and descriptions of them as "pigs and monkeys" — could not make the Melbourne conference "for personal reasons".

Some Christians who had approval to hire a stall giving away Bibles at the Islamic ‘Peace Conference’ at the Melbourne Showgrounds this weekend have had this approval withdrawn. The Christians, from various churches around Melbourne, had been offered a 6 x 3 metre stall for $600. The Islamic Research and Educational Academy (IREA) contacted them last night and said that the Bible stall could not go ahead because it would be “unsafe”. 

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