Media Release: Online Campaign Launched To Close Tent Embassy

by on 27 January, 2012

Media Release

Online Campaign Launched To Close Tent Embassy

Menzies House, a non-partisan online activist community, today launched an online campaign calling on the Federal Government to shut down the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. The campaign website,, is  coupled with Facebook & social media outreach efforts, and asks Australians to sign a petition calling on the government to take action and shut down the Tent Embassy.

Yesterday morning, Prime Minister Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were forced to flee following a riot created by Tent Embassy supporters. Michael Anderson, a Tent Embassy founder, in instigating such actions stated: “To hell with the Government and the courts in this country”. Today, photos emerged of protesters burning the Australian Flag.  Former ALP National President Warren Mundine stated that he echoed Tony Abbott’s words, and condemned the protestors.

“Australians should be judged by the content of their character, NOT the colour of their skin” said Timothy Andrews, Managing Editor of Menzies House.“The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is a divisive attempt to create two Australias based on people’s race, and prevents true reconciliation.”

Over one thousand Australians have already signed the petition and joined the Facebook group calling on the Tent Embassy to be shut down –  just hours after the website’s launch.

“Yesterday’s events are the inevitable consequence of the radical, divisive heart of the Tent Embassy” continued Mr. Andrews.

“The tent embassy call for ‘sovereignty’ is little more than reverse-Apartheid,  and is damaging to all indigenous Australians. Decades of unequal public policy have clearly failed indigenous Australians. It is time we move beyond the failed policies of the past, and treat all Australians as equals. It is time that the Tent Embassy is closed.”
Timothy Andrews

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