Look At All That Diversity

by on 26 September, 2016

By Justin Campbell

Last night the Australian Greens stood up for Australia’s multicultural diversity by walking out of Senator Hanson’s maiden speech. Naturally, they had a cameraman on hand to record this heroic act. Senator Di Natale gave a touching speech on how his own family had experienced racism 50 years ago.

Looking at this group of heroes, I couldn’t but help notice how diverse they were. I mean when your party’s poster child for diversity is a former surgeon from an Italian-Australian background, you’re really grasping at straws. As he spoke, a bunch of white-middle class faces nodded intently behind him. “Yes, indeed Australia’s multicultural fabric needs to be protected.” They all thought in unison.

So just how diverse are the Greens?

Sarah-Hanson Young: White, Female, University Educated.

Richard Di Natale: White, Male, University Educated.

Larissa Waters: White, Female, University Educated.

Scott Ludlam: White, Male, University Educated. (Born in NZ, that’s worth half a minority point)

Rachel Siewert: White, Female, University Educated.

Peter Stuart Whish-Wilson: White, Male, University Educated/Military.

Lee Rhiannon: White, Female, University Educated (Points for being a crazy old communist though)

Nick McKim: White, Male, Former Prisoner/Environmental Tour Guide

Janet Rice: White, Female, University Educated.


That’s a lot of white middle class privilege in one little room. Luckily, white people can understand and interpret the cultural experience of ethnic minorities. Oh wait they can’t.

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