“Let’s Make Driving Illegal” said the QLD Katter Party

by on 22 April, 2016

By Henry Innis

At some stage, you’ve got to call bullshit on the Bob Katter party. Not only does the ‘Force from the North’ still literally live in the stone age, but they’ve now decided they’d like to send us back to the legislative equivalent.

It all started in September 2015 when “all round good bloke” Rob (not to be confused with Bob) figured he’d introduce a bill to see Uber drivers penalised with demerit points. His logic? “Our taxi drivers are small business owners… who have followed each and every one of the regulations”.

Hang on a minute there, mates.

This bloke is literally justifying proposing a law to further support people who obey the law. Rather than think “gee is our economy changing?” Rob Katter would rather us have literally no progress, ever.

“I will not see another industry slaughtered by deregulation”, he says. Well, we suppose Mr Katter doesn’t want IKEA furniture, lego or any form of imported good ever.


Of course, you’d think that they’d at least be able to get the legislation right. But on April 21 they passed legislation not only upping the fines and broadening the definition of “pre-booked passenger services”, but they accidentally made all pre-booked services illegal.

You really couldn’t make this up if you tried.

The LNP seems to have (quietly) supported this too. QLD opposition Transport guy, Scott Emerson, may win the crown for Most Thoroughly Illiberal Statement Ever Made when his justification for such a bill was “We have issued more than $170,000 in fines to 62 drivers”. C’mon Scott, you can do better, we’re sure. And do something about that hair.


To cap it off, Jim Pearce, supposed “union advocate” is no longer all about listening to his constituents it appears. The Queensland Government not only got flooded with complaints, but they appeared to be deciding that no, we don’t want to listen to our constituents, as they’re wrong. So they found a way to block all the Uber emails.


It’s a sad day when our representatives deem that we’re no longer worth listening to. But then again, we all know what happens when they ignore us for too long, don’t we?

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