LDP National Conference

by on 21 January, 2011

This coming Sunday the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) will celebrate it’s tenth birthday at it’s national conference in Canberra. I’ll be there to mark the occasion as will many other libertarians. If you are interested in knowing more about Australia’s only libertarian political party, it’s policies and progress then look it up on facebook or check out the party website. And if you can make it to Canberra for the day then please feel free to rock up to the event or to join us for the informal dinner and/or drinks on the Saturday night prior.

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Above was written by MH contributor Terje Peterson. Other speakers include Prof. Sinclair Davidson and Sam Kekovich! Although I remain 100% committed my belief that the Liberal Party remains the best avenue to advance small government,  I certainly recognise the fact that not everyone shares this viewpoint, and, the LDP is both ideologically solid and does good work. More details here.

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