Justice has been served

by on 16 February, 2010

The full force of the law should always be applied to those seeking to destroy our nation, writes Chris Browne.

All too often when watching the evening news I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at the soft sentences handed down to serious criminals. Brutal murderers, rapists and serial offenders regularly seem to get sentences befitting petty theft and all too often justice isn't served.

Yesterday however there was a change. Five men that conspired to attack undisclosed Australian targets with stockpiles of explosives, firearms and ammunition received sentences of between 23 and 28 years.

Quite frankly, I'd like to see them sentenced to longer periods behind bars. But within the parameters of the law and considering the infamous leniency of our judicial system, their sentences were a pleasant surprise.

Justice Anthony Whealy described their motivation as "intolerant, inflexible religious conviction" and said that they showed contempt for Australia's Government and institutions. In my book at least, as a proud Australian and from a non-legal background, that accounts to nothing less than treason. But that's an opinion for another day.

It is heartening to know that the Australian judiciary has officially sent the message that as a nation we will not tolerate religious extremism and terrorism within our borders. All we need now is for the executive to ensure the security of our borders by imposing tougher border protection measures. Only once that is achieved can we be assured that all arms of government are working together in their full capacity to protect our national sovereignty.

Chris Browne is the Editor-in-Chief of Menzies House.

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