Hung, Drawn and Scorched

by on 22 August, 2016

By Manning Jeffrey 

I hate QandA, the last episode featuring the cage match between some climate do gooders and the newly elected One Nation Clown, was the first I made myself watch in years and only in order to write this article. The ABC had meticulously planned out the evening where an inarticulate and rather batty Climate Skeptic, would be cut down and torn to shreds by a line up of Celebrity Physicist, Mathematician and two smooth talking politicians. Malcolm Roberts, like many Climate Skeptics, managed to entangle himself in a net of carefully laid out traps which bound him into arguing about some irrelevant facts and small target arguments. He came out looking like nothing more than a conspiracy theorist and a nutter. It’s a misery to watch for someone like myself who understands how much the skeptical side has to offer public discourse. Where old arguments have failed to gain traction, the skeptical movement, must reinvigorate the debate and provide a sensible coherent and positive response to the theory of man made climate change.

First and foremost mans ability to raise carbon dioxide in our atmosphere will be regarded as one of our greatest achievements. The industrial revolution in the blink of an eye of human history has raised millions out of subsistence farming, increased life spans, cured many infectious diseases and most of all made us all very wealthy. The skeptical side of the debate should own the moral high ground of putting people first, particularly with regard to the untold misery that would be caused if the third world were to be subjected to measures to curb our use of cheap, reliable energy. But not only from a humanist perspective CO2 is good for the planet too. The climate alarmists will be quick to suggest we must leave carbon locked into a fossilised state, this is where the skeptical movement must begin to question how it is the carbon got there in the first place.

Life has existed on Earth for the past 600 million years and in that time the amount of carbon dioxide has varied wildly, however there has been one consistent underlying trend, a reduction in Co2. The way that oil, coal and gas come to be Fossil fuels, is through organic material becoming locked in Earths crust. Through photosynthesis, life on Earth has siphoned carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere. Where as at the beginning of the Cambrian explosion (life on earth begins) the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has been theorised to be upwards 4000 parts per million. If such an amount were to be programmed into the latest IPCC climate model earth would have looked far more like a fireball rather than the incubator for Darwin’s Evolution of species that we know it was. Pre industrial revolution CO2 was measured at only 280ppm. Simply put, life on earth has been sucking carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere. Humans have managed to increase the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere by 120ppm, if Co2 had continued its trend down by this same amount many plant species would simply have found it too difficult to breath.

However not only have we inadvertently saved the entire eco system from a slow and crippling demise, there are still many benefits to be had by vastly increasing CO2. It should be no surprise that by increasing the amount of plant food floating around will increase the growth rates of all life on earth. A recent Study by the CSIRO mapped out vegetation across the planet and noted that over the past couple of decades not only has the amount of plant life increased, the areas of most significant growth were on the edges of deserts. With increased concentrations of Carbon dioxide not only do plants grow faster but they also need less water.

Towards the end of the program Linda Burney suggested that the fact that people were able to go and spend day on Maroubra beach in Autumn was evidence of an imminent climate catastrophe. There is something very medieval about subjecting humans to a perpetual state of fear about their existence on the planet, over the everyday pleasures of life. As an objectivist, this is the type of nihilism and degradation of man’s soul that I am so eager to fight. In our pursuit of putting food on the table, a roof over our heads, heat in our home and expanding our horizons, man is putting carbon dioxide back where it belongs. 

For further reading I would suggest anything by Alex Epstein or Patrick Moore.

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