Hidden agenda—or policy of evil?

by on 16 August, 2013

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From Shakespeare’s Julius Cesar are these words by Mark Antony:

The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones…
Amen to that.

In the political sense, The evil that men do lives after them, equates to Kevin Rudd’s unprincipled foray upon our neighbours to the north, Manus Island, and Nauru the world’s smallest Republic. Ironically, Nauru is an island made of solid bird shit.

Only weeks ago the return of Rudd as PM forced him to face the fact that his dismantling of the Howard Pacific Solution to appease the Greens and other socialist idealists had become a disaster.

If Rudd was following the Julia Gillard compilation of asylum seeker policy drawn up during her days as shadow immigration minister, the goal is achieved as more than 50,000 have “rocked up” to our table of plenty since Labor came to power in 2007.

Image9However, Labor seems bereft of a single, original idea and so it remains with mass unauthorised arrivals seeking access to what is widely known in the smuggling trade as Australia’s invitation to a cornucopia of luxurious living forever, free.

To view the long-term results of illegal immigration Australia need only look to Europe, the UK in particular. It was the UK Labour Party that made political capital using lower, socio- economic immigrants intended specifically to alter the demographic and cultural pattern of Britain.

They buggered England for a purpose they kept secret, and their dishonourable template is doing likewise here in Australia.

The average Australian battler goes to bed each night believing the nation’s welfare is safe in the hands of our leaders. We need to believe our elected representatives will act in the country’s best interests and do what is right for their fellow Australians. We can’t allow ourselves to think they might cause great harm—all faith would be lost. But that has now happened.

Why is it after six years in power that Rudd now scrambles to address the border fiasco? The influx of more than 50,000 people is proof that the situation was allowed to fester. But was it the course of a well-scripted agenda? I believe it is!

Under the British Freedom of Information Act, a secret Labour immigration agenda hatched more than a decade ago was uncovered and it mirrors the Australian Labor Party’s policy on immigration and border control. In 13 years they flooded the UK with 3.2 million foreigners. That policy appears to have been lifted by Ms Gillard.

Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, disclosed a document drawn up by a British Cabinet Office think-tank and a Home Office research unit. It stated unequivocally that Labour’s migration policy over a decade had been aimed at “social objectives” rather than economic ones and intended specifically to alter the demographic and cultural pattern of Britain.

The agenda also showed that Labour had orchestrated a deliberate open-door policy on immigration to boost multi-culturalism. It also noted that because of this policy, migrants and their descendants were inclined to vote Labour, some surveys found up to 80% would vote for labour.

The British government betrayed their voters by breaking the first rule of democracy: the electorate was never told it was voting for that radical agenda just as Australians will never be told why the unauthorised arrivals were ignored for so long.

How peculiar that Bob Carr recently said, “People are coming here, not now as a result of persecution, but because they’re economic refugees who have paid money to people smugglers.” Of course the do-gooders and hankie-wringers cried foul in their usual tradition of ignoring future social ramifications.

It seems that Carr was, or is not privy to his party’s plan for eternal employment. “There’ve been some boats where 100% of them have been people who are fleeing countries where they’re the majority ethnic and religious group, and their motivations is altogether economic,” Carr blurted in early June.

Several TV clips of late have featured boat people praising the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government, “they are good for us and we will vote for them,” is their practised mantra. But Labor’s clone of the UK agenda takes time to reach full advantage—four years in fact.

Contrary to popular lore, immigrants can’t vote immediately, it’s a four-year process to become eligible. The ALP’s early wave from 2008 will now vote; I can’t find numbers on how many but, for the 2016 elections a large percentage of the present 50,000 will be close to voting rights.

The evil in this trick is the number of family reunion members who will also be voters. Nobody seems to know what those multipliers might be. Once this is known, the numbers will be sufficient to change the outcome in many electorates across Australia. And, in a few years, will probably have numbers to seize a majority of Labor seats across the country for a bigger slice of the welfare pie, not to mention religious dominance.

Do you think the ALP thought this through using the same logic as their other failed policies?

And, what mess awaits the strugglers in Nauru and Manus when hope turns to despair? Who will give a stuff?

Rudd’s opportunism is …the evil that men do…

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