Gillard government: hates volunteers, loves unions Gillard government: hates volunteers, loves unions

by on 20 February, 2012

Ken_phillips Ken Phillips describes the continued attack on volunteer & community groups by the GIllard Government: 

This headline – “Gillard government hates volunteers, loves unions”, is based on evidence. Last week the Gillard government killed off the Australian Building and Construction Commission. (The Abbott opposition have said that it will restore the ABCC if elected.)
One of the reasons the government cited for removing the ABCC was because it had strong powers to require unions and others in the construction sector to answer questions about corruption, bullying and intimidation. (We say the ABCC protected self-employed construction workers from extreme harassment and intimidation.)  The government has now saved unions from tough questioning that might expose bullying and corruption.
But the Gillard government has a proposal to introduce a new regulatory system for the not-for-profit and volunteer sector. The Bill sets up a commission that will have near-identical powers to question volunteers that it’s just removed from unions. The double standard is glaring.
The government is also introducing new tax laws for the not-for-profit sector—but exempting unions from those laws.
This follows the Gillard government’s introducing OHS laws that enable volunteers to be prosecuted. Here’s the evidence from the Scout Association.
What is it with this government? Doesn’t it understand what it takes to make a just and fair society? It favours protecting bully unions in construction and proposes the same in transport. They have a very contorted view of justice!

Ken Phillips is the Executive Director of the Independent Contractors Association.

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