Get Up’s Real Agenda

by on 23 August, 2016

“Look! A squirrel!”

That’s what GetUp! does every time you point out their BS. They claim on their website that they aren’t partisan, nor do they support any particular political party. This is said BS.

GetUp!’s chairwoman Sarah Maddison campaigned for the Greens in the 2016 double dissolution election, and revelations that another board member, Sara Saleh publicly supports the BDS Movement.

Getup! has always been anti-Israel, but their paranoia and hatred for it continues to rise to new heights each day. In March this year, Saleh claimed that all the Western media was indoctrinated to such a degree, that they were blind to Israeli soldiers being ordered to have no phones with them as they did unspeakable things to dead Palestinians, saying that Western media simply fabricated news to support Israel. The evidence of which would prove such damning allegations is of course nowhere to be found.

She also lined her attack up against Israel to keep all those who lived there fearful of attack. She said that:

“we must force Israel into a perennial state of existential anxiety.’’

Yes, we must ensure that all Israeli (Jewish) citizens must be kept in a constant fear of being murdered by every country that surrounds them and has supported for decades the eradication of Israel.

The Australian asked for a response to all this, and of course, the BS struck once more, with GetUp! saying that it represented:

“…mainstream issues important to a majority of Australians” including “economic fairness, human rights and environmental justice.”

Yes. A board member saying that Israel should be fought against by instilling fear in the Israeli people and saying that Western media is all brainwashed to not think for itself and to only parrot what Israel wants them to is talking about ‘mainstream issues’. Sounds kind of similar to the age old belief that Jews control the world, doesn’t it? Old conspiracies of envy and jealousy die hard, I guess.

In the end, GetUp! attempts to sell the BS that they are non-partisan and apolitical, all the while being totally obvious in how much they actually are, in many ways, dangerously so. Everyone should be aware of their Far-Left agenda and highly politicised nature. You can bet your bottom dollar that with the falling Greens vote, GetUp!’s cognitive dissonance will intensify and their tactics will become more extreme, as we have seen Far-Left parties in the past do.

By Rowan Cravey

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