Don’t Settle Here

by on 13 February, 2012


New migrants should get taxpayer subsidies to visit overseas relatives, an Islamic group has told the Federal Government.

The Islamic Women's Welfare Association also says Muslims prefer to live close to their own people and Australia should consider how to "facilitate the purchase of homes for new migrants".

The last thing Australia needs is more migrant enclaves, especially Muslim ones. Let's try not to emulate France, shall we?


In a submission to a federal multicultural inquiry, the association has urged the Government to give tax deductions to newly arrived migrants so they can visit relatives in their homelands.

"Migrants face a lot of sacrifices such as having to travel long distances to visit relatives, spending on communication costs, missing out on some events occurring in native countries etc," the submission said.

"This loss should be compensated by the Government in one way or the other to retain migrants in their country of adoption."

It’s really stupid ideas like this which puts a wedge between non-Muslims and Muslims. Why is that it’s always some Muslim group who wants “this” or “that” special treatment?

Talk about insulting the host.

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