The War on Humans

Make no mistake; there are plenty of people, (Sir David Attenborough warns that mankind is a “plague on the Earth.”) who also happen to occupy senior roles in Gov’ts, NGO’s (extremist Green groups), the EU and the UN, who firmly believe humans are the enemy.

Peddling Imaginary Global Warming is the perfect cover story for these anti-human forces to enact their deadly ideology. You know the world has gone mad when some people suggest plants have “rights” also.

The video below runs for 31 minutes, but it’s well worth watching.

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Incredible – the Guardian writes about the folly of Wind Turbines

Australia beautiful one day

Using 1,100 A.D. tech isn’t a viable solution for our energy needs.

Via the Guardian


…British energy policy is chaotic. It is intellectually incoherent, lurching from fashion to fad with each lurch breeding a pile of taxpayer cash and a carnival of lobbyists out to protect it. Never in the history of public subsidy can so much have been paid by so many to so few.

The chancellor's well-trailed announcement that money for onshore turbines will be cut in favour of offshore is welcome in part, but it makes no sense. While less intrusive on the eye, offshore turbines are even more expensive and inefficient than onshore ones. The bizarre plan to erect 240 down the middle of the Bristol Channel has already been abandoned as uneconomic, despite Osborne's subsidy. The huge East Anglian field may cost billions. It all makes nuclear seem a bargain.

Wind turbines also spoil the landscape.


…It is hard to convey the devastating impact of the turbines to those who have not seen them, especially a political elite that never leaves the south-east except for abroad. Fields of these structures are now rising almost everywhere. They are sited irrespective of the wind, since subsidy is paid irrespective of supply, even if there is none. It makes EU agricultural policy a paragon of sanity.

…Britain's landscape has never before been subject to such visual transformation. Human hands have always refashioned the country, urban and rural alike, but they have not industrialised its appearance on remotely this scale. Roads, railway lines, quarries, even towns and cities, are inconspicuous compared to wind turbines. Few of Britain's greatest views will be free of the sight of them.

Wind turbines are completely inefficient to produce reliable energy.


Turbines seldom produce their declared capacity. The one that towers over the M4 at Reading generates just 16% of its capacity. What they really generate is money, up to £30,000 a year each in subsidy. The billions poured into wind would have been far better spent – as energy professor Dieter Helm, the consultants KPMG and others have long argued – in pursuing lower emissions through energy efficiency and cleaner carbon.

Yet the myth that wind is "free" has driven politicians mad. They have chased the length and breadth of the land showering quantities of public money on a tiny handful of the rich. Britain's modern landscape is their memorial.

Christopher Booker from the UK’s Telegraph explains the wear and tear on offshore wind farms means that within a decade the UK will have to pay tens of billions of pounds to replace them.


…Using official data from the UK and Denmark, Prof Hughes showed that we have now been building turbines long enough to see that, due to wear and tear on their mechanisms and blades, the amount of electricity they generate very dramatically falls over the years; so that a turbine that initially produces on average at 25 per cent of its “capacity” can degrade over 15 years to produce less than 5 per cent. With offshore turbines, the effects of weather and salt corrosion are so damaging that output falls from 45 per cent to barely 12 per cent.

This means, as Prof Hughes observes, that either we will have to build many more turbines than the Government is allowing for, to comply with our EU requirement to generate 32 per cent of our electricity from renewables by 2020; or, within a decade, we will have to pay tens of billions of pounds more for most of those turbines to be replaced.

If we’re fair dinkum about lowering our CO2 emissions and still being able to provide cheap reliable power, we should be switching over to gas just as the Americans have been doing.

Australian’s and Australian Businesses paid $6bn in Carbon Taxes to reduce our CO2 emissions by a measly 0.1% (at a cost of $21,000 per tonne – Abbott’s direct action is looking better and better) whereas the USA cut its energy-related CO2 pollution by 3.8% and they did it without an economy destabilising Carbon Tax. In fact, American CO2 emission reduction was due to warm winter weather, more efficient cars because of new mileage requirements and an ongoing shift from coal power to natural gas to produce electricity.  

So whenever you hear Labor and the Greens call for more renewables, know that their solution will do nothing but cost our economy hundreds of billions of dollars.



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On December 6, 1865, Slavery was abolished by the Republican Party

Via Weasel Zippers


On December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment — abolishing slavery — became part of the Constitution — when ratified by three-quarters of the states.

Despite protests from the Democrats, the Republican Party made banning slavery part of its national platform in 1864. Senator Lyman Trumbull (R-IL) wrote the final version of the text, combining the proposed wordings of several other Republican congressmen.

All Republicans in Congress voted for the 13th Amendment, while nearly all Democrats voted against it. So strongly did President Abraham Lincoln (Republican-IL) support the 13th Amendment, he signed the document, though presidential approval is not part of the amendment process.

Yes, outlawing slavery was a Republican achievement.

And in typical Progressive left form, a plaque at the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies of Northeastern Illinois University says…

Abraham lincoln democrat

Never under estimate the left’s desire to re-write conservative history.



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Prince Harry’s South Pole race cancelled. Why? Because it’s too darn cold!

Via the Daily Telegraph


A RACE to the South Pole involving Britain's Prince Harry and teams of injured troops has been cancelled due to safety concerns, but the veterans will trek on together to the globe's most southerly point.

Why was it cancelled?


The veterans are enduring temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of about 80km/h.

Look Prince H & Co get an A for their sentiment, but trying to successfully race across the South Pole even during the summer months was always going to be a tough gig. 

Obviously, Gillard’s Carbon Tax didn’t have the effect on temperatures as her merry band of ecotards thought:


LABOR'S $6 billion carbon tax reduced Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by less than 0.1 per cent.

While the carbon tax is now $24 a tonne, the effective cost of the emissions reduction on the basis of revenue raised is $21,000 per tonne.

All pain for ZERO gain. Well Done Labor…idiots.


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Britain to classify “Islamist Extremism” as a dissimilar ideology to Islam

Syd islamist protest

And the difference is razor thin at best…

Via Reuters


Britain plans to classify "Islamist extremism" as a distinct ideology, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday, as part the government's response to the murder of a soldier on a busy London street.

Cameron said he would implement recommendations he had received from a task force he set up after the murder of Lee Rigby in May, to try to stop people being radicalised by "hate preachers".

…"Islamist extremism" would, for the first time, be classified as a distinct ideology to guard against it being confused with traditional religious practice, he said.

Cameron wants to tackle violent ideologies that claim Islamic justification but by doing so in a way that does not alienate Britain's 2.7 million Muslims.

The fact is that when Islam checks in, a lot of folks wind up checking out… permanently.



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It’s time to defund the ABC and let them fend for themselves

ABC Logo

It’s fairly obvious, even to the casual observer, that the taxpayer funded ABC is completely out of control.

I know there is talk about selling it, but I seriously doubt there would be anyone who’d be interested in acquiring it (mind you, what a laugh it would be if News Ltd bought’em!)

Given the ABC completely disregards its commitment to “deliver content with integrity, diligence and transparency and to act in the interests of citizens” the Abbott Gov’t should put the ABC on a one way path to full privatisation.

According to the ABC’s 2013 annual report, the ABC was allocated $1,030.2 million in the May 2012 Federal Budget and $12.1 million in the 2012–13 Additional Estimates process, totalling $1,042.3 million for the 2012–13 year (The May 2013 Federal Budget maintained the ABC’s funding base, provided a $90 million loan from government over three years to assist with the cash flow requirements of the Melbourne Accommodation Project, and provided additional funding for journalism, digital content delivery, increased digital television coverage, and ANZAC Centenary programming.)

Surprisingly, the ABC also received $158.2 million from other sources, including ABC Commercial.

So here’s what I’d do going forward. As I’m a rather generous person, I’d cut the ABC’s 2014-2015 gov’t funding allocation by 10% from $1,042.3 million to $938.07 million and keep reducing the ABC’s taxpayer funded allocation each year by 10% (if the Gov’t have to amend the ABC Act to allow the ABC to advertise then they should do this ASAP).

So when we hit the 2024 – 2025 financial year, the ABC will be 100% privately funded and then they can do and say whatever the hell they like.


No wonder Fairfax Media is going broke…70% of SMH readers polled think the ABC is “an excellent and essential service, they deserve more funding.”

SMH ABC poll


Those bed wetters over at ShutUp! GetUp! have put up a petition to “Save the ABC.”

Their argument that the ABC needs to be saved…”free to remain fair and balanced.”

Foxtrot me dead…


Feel free to tell us your thoughts.



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