Can Tony Survive?

by on 2 February, 2015

A lot is riding on Tony Abbott’s National Press Club speech today, in which, among other things, he is expected to dump his unwanted and unaffordable gold plated paid parental leave scheme.

The move to ditch PPL is certainly welcome, however, despite this, I can’t see how even if Tony Abbott gives one of the best speeches of his life at the press club today he can still survive.

Even Tony Abbott’s most diehard supporters will have to admit the utter hatred – and it really is hatred – in the community for him. And this is simply something that can not be overcome. Australians have just stopped listening, and, as was the case with Julia Gillard, when Australians have stopped listening, not even the greatest of speeches can make them start again.

Added to this is his consistent refusal to consult or listen – particularly to the parliamentary party, and the exhaustion of any goodwill he may have had. The Prince Philip debacle /wasn’t/ an exception – it was the rule – time after time after time this has happened, and after it being said so many times, him promising to “listen more” now is like the boy who cried wolf.

All the proposed alternatives to Abbott are deeply, deeply flawed, but I simply can’t see any other way forward.

Tim Andrews is the Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance

4 thoughts on “Can Tony Survive?

  1. You still don’t get it? Absolutely nothing is riding on this speech, just a few laughs at the recycled slogans and selfish pleading for forgiveness by a moron incapable of leading anyone anywhere.

    Captain Sir Plus is a symptom, not the cause of the problem. The Libs are gone regardless of which puppet “wins”. That much was obvious in 2010 the only surprise is how bad they have been at hiding an extreme right wing agenda.

  2. It appears Australians no longer care about the economy- the best thing Tony could do is just shut up and leave the deficit in the mess it’s in.

    Sadly, once Abbot goes the socialist/ homosexuals will be running the country

    the best thing for Australia is Abbot who makes no policy or decision on anything

  3. I reckon Bill Shorten wants Toxic Tony to stay on.

    “All the proposed alternatives to Abbott are deeply, deeply flawed”

    Socialists and homosexuals according to oldskool! Is Turnbull gay, or is he the socialist?

  4. Just as in the days of old when the poison was not in the apple given to Adam by Eve, but in the lie, that they should not trust God. So today we have the same lie being perpetrated. This time it’s the lie that Tony Abbott cannot be trusted.

    The poison will be released if and when someone takes his place. Like Adam and Eve cast out of the garden of Eden putting Turnbul in Abbott’s place will hasten the demise of the Coalition Government. For the Liberal’s lack of trust will inturn engender a lack of trust in the Liberal Party by those swinging voters who will see no difference between Liberal assassins and Labor assassins . No matter which party they are still assassins.

    Consider who you will trust, because that is the issue. A community worker for many years, who would give his life to do the right thing, v’s Turnbull’s $10 million grant to his friends just before the 2007 election, or again Turnbull’s futile bid to destroy Kevin Rudd’s prime minister ship based on a fraudulent email supposedly from within Treasury.

    When you look at the story of old, the temptation to swallow the poison was from a known liar, assuming you are willing to admit the devil is a liar. So to today, the perpetrator of the lie, the temptation is a known liar and fabricator, a distorter of the truth – the Media.

    Should the poison be swallowed? Once taken it will be too late.

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