Attacks On The Self-Employed Continue

by on 19 December, 2011

Ken_phillips Ken Phillips on the campaign to damage self-employed people. 

It can sometimes be surprising just how persistent are those who hate self-employed people.
As ex-union boss, smiley Bill Shorten, was promoted to Cabinet as minister for industrial relations, we discover another union-organised attack against self-employed people. Shorten’s government has released proposed legislation that will take away the rights of self-employed truckies to be their own boss.
We’ve assessed the legislation and its impact and written to members of parliament saying ‘don’t be conned’. The con is that the government’s political spin talks about road safety. But the proposal, which is likely to pass, will impose price-fixing on truckies, push down their incomes, decrease productivity and not improve road safety. It’s a red-tape template bonanza that can be applied to all self-employed people.
Who knows what Shorten thinks of this but he’s now responsible for the legislation. Last week I had an article in The Australian assessing Shorten’s task as minister. It’s an impossible one, even if he wanted to do the right thing. His union background and the enemies he’s made create for him a political squeeze.
When the law and politics get together, watch out! Which is why a lawyer’s (red tape) approach to Christmas can even send us into a spin.

Ken Phillips is the Executive Director of the Independent Contractors Association.

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