‘Articulate morons’ says Bob Katter

by on 29 December, 2012

Who could argue with Katter's outspoken, as usual, assessment? GC. Ed.

BOB KATTER has clocked up nearly 40 years as a parliamentarian but he can't remember the standard of political debate being as low as it was in 2012.

Mr Katter, the Katter's Australian Party leader, said 2012 had been a year of unprecedented vitriol, the result of ''a complete lack of ideology and a complete lack of intellectual content''.

''I can't ever remember a year as bad as this,'' he said. ''You've got a bunch of people who quite frankly are very articulate, but very articulate morons. I couldn't have a lower opinion of both sides of the Parliament. There is not the slightest shred of thought process in there since Rudd was removed from the frontbench.''

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