Architects of racism

by on 7 June, 2013

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Indigenous football player Adam Goodes has never been so hurt in his life—unable to celebrate his team’s victory. Even a week later Goodes remained “gutted.”

That a thirteen-year-old girl who had no idea that yelling the word “ape” at Goodes would ignite such a furore beggars belief among those who don’t seek to exploit trivialities. Also testing the belief of more than are willing to speak out is that Goodes, a 1.94m (6’4.5”) splendid package of muscled athletic dynamite could really be wounded so deeply.

However, he says he is and must be believed. But so must she who was only 13 and says she had no idea of racial connotations in the word ape.

And now the entire nation is again plunged into the cesspit of racism. The predicted media frenzy prompted cloned Politically Correct hacks to scramble for brownie points while using copycat ramblings to be the most ardent adversary of a sham, a manufactured insensitivity.

Until the dust of PC opportunism settles we are exhorted to beat the bushes with the birch of fake indignation, flushing all those who can’t or refuse to accept that the Aussie idiom entrenched over two centuries is now a vile and insidious hatred of those of differing appearance.

While most of us were working, paying taxes, keeping a roof over our heads and filling the heads of our children with common decency, the adolescents at “Social Engineers Inc.” have also been busy instigating a mess of tribunals to create lifetime employment for themselves; and a parallel legal system to punish those who don’t think as intructed.

Eddie McGuire is being sent off to a re-education gulag, probably somewhere out back of Woomera where the screams of correctional torture won’t disturb the latte sippers languishing in city coffeehouses. Eddie’s crime was uttering, although not actually thinking, the Gorilla evoking term, “King Kong.” When cured, he will never again refer to “The elephant in the room.”

McGuire may also face criminal charges under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 or the racial Discrimination Act, if police receive a complaint, as did Andrew Bolt at News Ltd and the resulting guilty verdict that did nothing to further reconciliation in the minds of many.

And what of Goodes? Is it fair to think that Goodes showed appalling judgment in setting the bouncers upon a naïve country girl who called him an ape in the heat of a football game?

Police asked Goodes if he wished to press charges after a two-hour “interview” of the girl.  But any charge is unlikely as the interview was without a parental permission or presence.

Perhaps Goodes' 2012 salary of $586,500 caused him an over sensitivity, an overinflated opinion of himself, or was it an opportunity to promote impetus to the “Say no to racism” advertisements that aired just days after his crushing indignation? The result is, however, a renewed thrust by the “reconciliation” industry in a grab for more loot from the tiring taxpayer.

But, this whole debacle is about racism, isn’t it? About Aborigines—white versus black, as Goodes reminded us when pointing to the colour of his skin for the young girl, and the cameras at the football match. OK, let’s accept that this flavour-of-the-month debacle is about what racist bastards most Australians are accused of being. But first, we need to explore what undoubted racism, discrimination and hatred is because it thrives right here on the streets, in towns and cities of Australia making Adam Goodes' bleating a frivolity by comparison.

Racism, discrimination, and hatred are rife in Australia and those behind the fire-doors of multiculturalism perpetrate it overwhelmingly. If anyone of Anglo-Saxon appearance dares to visit the Sydney Muslim stronghold suburbs like Auburn and Lakemba, a bitter and frightening lesson of racial intolerance is learned in short order. Intimidating curses, being spat upon, forced from the footpath and told you are not wanted here is the rule rather than the exception. They are “no go” areas to police and emergency workers—racism and hatred of a kind never experienced between white Australians and indigenous like Adam Goodes, et al.

Multiculturalism to Islam means the right to be insular. Muslim clerics openly discourage their followers from socializing and or marrying outside their religion.  Such is the case in general for most Arabic nations, Chinese, Ethiopians, Somalis, Indians, Sri-Lankans to name but a few of the more than 170 ethnic groups calling Australia home. 

Good people have been hijacked by an insidious, incremental agenda of the PC mob. They feel helpless against an accusative finger of racism or some other “offence” that leads to a tribunal. Offence to one person is a joke to another. This facile dogma is causing the destruction of national customs cemented into the Aussie ethos by generations past—the forgers of what was a fair and descent society that some seek to dismantle.

If blame for our “racism” is to be honestly apportioned it rests squarely with government who pour millions of our money into the coffers of ethnic groups. Rather than assimilating with Australia’s larger community the Government pays them to remain insular.

That is government-sponsored apartheid in its purest and most socially destructive form.

What punishment for Goodes' young offender? Re-education camp? Or, is the humiliation, that went global, enough? Goodes' supporters bathed in their victory at the expense of a silly young girl. How that girl handles the onerous road ahead is a worry to me. Her accusers should hope she is less vulnerable to being “offended.”

Diven by vanity the die for a tragic outcome has been cast. Shame Mr Goodes! Sad_smile

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