Media Watch – Paul Barry’s biased bile

by on 5 October, 2013

The Editor, Menzies House.

Although a bit late, I nonetheless refer to your post October 1 on this site, Blatant bias at your expense—complain like hell.

BarryAs a taxpayer of no small sum, I object “like hell” to the biased nastiness spewed forth by Paul Barry on his ABC Media Watch segment identified in the above story.

What the ABC, and Mr Barry in particular need to understand is that the majority of Australian taxpayers are opposed to leftist ideology and as such are seriously at odds with not all, but most of our ABC’s productions. There is no regard for balance as required in their editorial policy. It is obvious that a cabal of socialist elitists are calling the piper’s tune and us who pays for all.

While the tears of the loser is like honey on the lips of the winners, it is hard not to feel a little tug of sympathy for Paul Barry despite his displayed bias. The cause he promoted, the Party he followed, the religion he worshipped are as nothing now. His global warming God has feet of clay—intransigent.

Its evidence-free world, its constant rewriting, its failed predictions, its laughable explanations for the fact that no rise in temperatures for sixteen years, is now increasingly a joke. Only the unintelligent or those with ulterior interest care about it.

In impotent rage Barry writhes beggingly for someone, it must be a conservative, withour rebattal, to savage on his nine minutes ad nauseam. At first a partly impartial and often humorous examination of other media, but now, and regrettably so, it presents nakedly as the Australian Pravda. Scolding, excoriating, and despairing at people who have an opinion an inch to the right of Stalin.

It is the equivalent of cheap plonk or the syringe for the wailing losers.

His latest target is Alan Jones—a media personality, like him or not, with fifty or sixty times the viewers of Media Watch, a dream they could only hope to claim.

Barry’s ranting done in the approved ABC style, supercilious smiles, pitying remarks, sad shakes of the head. The only thing missing is a shoulder-shimmy, which he dare not while following his pre-written remarks on the teleprompter. Impotence is what he feels and his vitriolic rage is overt.

We have a new government and I do not advocate the disbanding of our ABC because only public funds can support their many fine productions. But I do believe that employees like Mr Barry have lost their way on the pathway of fairness and good journalism. Only his small audience approves.

To be sent packing might be the only way to rid people like Mr Barry of such deep-seated bile that no commercial enterprise would entertain for one moment.

Please comment on my letter.


Penelope I. M. Pulchritude.

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