“Non-Partisan” GetUp!

TimAndrews1 (2)Tim Andrews exposes further evidence of how GetUp! is little more than a Labor front:

I was recently forwarded the following nauseating email sent out on behalf of the Australian Labor Party:


I won't subject you to the rest of the email, but it was signed off by "Skye, Digital Director – Australian Labor Party".

Ignoring the content of the email itself, as someone with a keen interest in social media, and thought it interesting (and applaudable from a purely campaigning perspective) that the ALP had a "Digital Director" I thought I'd look up who Skye Laris was.

And what I found was pretty interesting.

Here's Ms Laris' LinkedIn profile:


You will note that from March 2011-January 2012 Ms Laris was the Communications and Campaigns Director for GetUp!

Now, reflect back on her email where she stated that "I have been part of Labor for more than 17 years now". As in, she was part of Labor while running campaigns at GetUp!

Many of us on the right have long-criticised GetUp!, whose website claims they are "independent" and "does not back any particular party" for being a Labor front, so it's a pretty telling admission that the person in charge of their communications and campaigns was "part of Labor" throughout their entire time working there. 

Tim Andrews is Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, and Publisher of Menzies House. 

Vote Compass

ABC News is launching an interactive online application to help voters engage on important policy issues during the coming federal election campaign.

Called Vote Compass, the tool will allow ABC audiences to compare their views in a number of policy areas with the platforms of political parties.

To help prepare the tool, we want to know what election issues matter to you. Join the conversation by:

via www.abc.net.au

$110,000 gay pride rainbow crossing removed for $30,000

Earlier this year, the City of Sydney Council allocated $110,000 of ratepayers money for a “one month trial” of a “rainbow crossing” in Sydney’s Taylor Square.

Why it would cost a staggering $110,000 for a one month trial of a crossing is beyond me, but to make matters worse… it now has to be removed. For a further $30,000:

Roads and Ports Minister Duncan Gay has ruled out retaining the crossing due to safety issues, including instances of people lying on the road to take photographs.

Aren’t you glad your money is being spent so wisely?

via www.taxpayers.org.au

Charge of the Crean brigade

New MH2


It was déjà vu as the parliamentary circus unfolded last Thursday. Simon Crean’s move to be “circuit breaker” might have been magnanimous had he not finished up electrocuting himself and is now a discharged capacitor on the back-bench—a lifetime of dedicated Labor service evaporated like ozone.

Images of the Western Front came to mind where soldiers were massed in the trenches, ready to pour over the top into no-man’s-land to face the deadly rake from enemy fire.

There stood Captain Crean amidst the smoke and noise yelling, “follow me men, let’s charge to Labor glory” But, glancing over his shoulder not a man followed, they remained, cowering in safety.

Armed only with his tin whistle, and felled by a barrage of lead, Simon’s last words: “you bastard Kevin.”

And so went a day of Australian politics that ricocheted around the world.

The UK Telegraph: “The Australian Labor Party is surely one of the world’s most dysfunctional political organisations…Down under, the process of changing leader is called a ‘spill’ and the Labor Party manage to switch their main cast with a regularity rarely found outside of television soaps.”

The Toronto Globe and Mail Editor’s Pick: “My boyfriend wants to take erectile dysfunction medication to enhance his performance. Why would he want to do that?” No interest there!

This from The New York Times: “…But the day of high political drama gave rise to serious questions about what impact the spectacle would have on Labor’s ailing political fortunes, and on those of the deeply unpopular Ms. Gillard as she pushes ahead with her campaign.”

“Hey buddy, gimme more ketchup on the hotdog!” Is Australia near Austria?

What, in Labor's continuing saga did terrible Thursday and frightful Friday accomplish?

Captain Crean lies dead in no-man’s-land and most Rudd supporters have been hunted to the naughty-corner leaving gaping breaches in Labor’s ministry.

Labor’s clumsy performance did establish if anyone needed more evidence, that the Party is fractured in both unity and direction—policy disasters at every turn. The recent withdrawing of two showcase policies, the undemocratic and draconian Anti-discrimination changes and the pathological push to punish News Ltd for exposing government failures and hobble free speech were harmful. Not to mention blowout costs to the NBN and its attendant delivery failures.

Labor now has about seven weeks to raise its stature above comedy level to where it might survive the Coalition’s plan to bring on a vote of no confidence on the first sitting day of the House of Representatives on May 4th. Should the motion be carried an early election is likely.

But Abbott’s success depends on numbers, as he well knows from previous failures. Essential will be support from the independents. Traitors Oakeshott and Windsor knowing their chances of re-election are none will likely ignore the nation’s wellbeing  and continue topping their Super to the last day possible. Oakeshott’s wife wants him out of politics. Rob blames re-election doubt on an alternate candidate and a poisonous talkback radio. Oakeshott voted to control media.

Bob Katter’s erratic behaviour cannot be fathomed for a reliable decision or support.

The Greens Adam Bandt will never support the Coalition and the election may see him at CentreLink. A fight for control between the adolescent Hanson-Young and Whish-Wilson (who?) should further diminish their votes.

Andrew Wilkie, however, could be one to stymie Labor. Wilkie lives 95kms from the penal ruins of Port Arthur. He tasted Gillard’s sincerity when she thriced him up to Labor’s flogging triangles to experience her flaying lash of treachery over his “signed” pokies deal. Yet, the Tasmanian crossbencher remains, “genuinely open minded.” What does it take Andrew?

Gillard’s sixth cabinet shuffle since 2010 instils doubt that the stench of administrative incompetence will be expunged any time soon. New faces and seldom-encountered names of newbies will have their collective baptism by fire with the election so near. There will be no time for learning the ropes and gaffs will be plenty, as it is with anyone in a new job.

Amanda Rishworth: South Australian seat of Kingston since 2007. Served as president of the Student Union at Flinders University. She takes on Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, and Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers.

Placating the unions is Matt Thistlethwaite with no experience with Pacific Island Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs but plenty as an organiser for the AWU—anyone surprised?

Jason Clare retains Minister for Justice and Minister for Home Affairs. He is the klutz that along with Senator Kate Lundy announced to the entire world that drugs, crime and cheating was entrenched in Australian sports—all without any evidence at the time.

The current polls have no sympathy for Julia—any remaining faith now lost. Her lengthy lectures about “her” and Labor successes, totally ignoring any failure are annoying—most are no longer listening—they’ve heard enough.

Not long ago when changing tactics Gillard announced herself as “the real Julia.” That McTernan ploy has worked but not as hoped, most voters now despise “the real Julia.” Ironically, Gillard’s strategist John McTernan may make history as the man who saved Australia. Where will he work next? Not in Australia one hopes.

600 illegal boat arrivals under Labor

600 illegal boats have now arrived since Labor abolished John Howard’s proven border protection policies in 2008.

This record of dysfunction is one of the single greatest policy failings of the Rudd-Gillard government.

Labor’s record of failure is clear:

•         600 boats carrying over 35,000 people
•         record populations in immigration detention
•         riots, protests and unrest in detention centres
•         tens of thousands of people dumped into the community
•         $6.6 billion in budget blowouts and growing
•         damage to Australia’s reputation

And it is a failure that worsens by the day, with Labor too weak and divided to stand-up to the people smugglers.

What’s even worse is that Julia Gillard stubbornly sits on her hands and makes excuses for doing nothing.  Julia Gillard has no plan to stop the boats. 
If elected, the Coalition will take immediate action to protect our borders.  We will:

•         re-introduce Temporary Protection Visas to deny the people smugglers a product to sell,
•         have rigorous offshore processing, and
•         give new orders to the Navy to turn back boats where it is safe to do so.

Only a change of government will restore the proven measures of the Howard Government and the resolve needed to stop the boats.

Scott Morrison signature

Scott Morrison
Shadow Minister for Immigration & Citizenship

The gravy train leaves platform 6 every day

Energy Efficiency Information Grants Programs, your money being handed out to all who ask, it seems.

A group called "Do Something" in Newtown NSW has landed $958,639 for: Do Something! will disseminate advice and energy efficiency information to over 15,000 community groups and 565 local councils nationwide. This includes developing a web portal, best practice guides, case studies and tip sheets, videos, eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, energy efficiency guides and providing access to an energy cost calculator.

Check out the others:http://www.climatechange.gov.au/en/about/grants/2012.aspx


Discovered by Andrew Bolt.

The ticking Budget debt bomb

ONE of the nation's top financiers yesterday joined the debate on the country's rising debt level – describing it as dangerously high.

AMP chief economist Shane Oliver also urged the government to stop using economic comparisons to countries in Europe and the US to justify a predicted 80 per cent blowout to $165 billion this term..

Read more:http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/the-ticking-budget-debt-bomb/story-e6freuy9-1226608055084

The Bold And The Woeful

Cory-BernardiSenator Cory Bernardi discusses the soap opera that is the current Federal Labor Party: 

What more can be said about the state of disarray within our federal government?

It has become a theatre of the absurd with a plot line akin to the Days of Our Lives saga. Unfortunately, the events depicted in our daily media are real and the characters are in charge of our nation.

Like every compelling soap opera there are returning players who were previously presumed dead. That role currently ‘stars’ Kevin Rudd, who represents as close to everlasting life as we’ll likely ever see in politics. Even his own team are wondering what special implement is needed to stop him from rising again.

Then there are the characters whose imminent death lingers through episode after episode. Viewers tune in in equal measure, hoping for a miraculous recovery or confirmation of their demise. No one fills this role in modern politics quite like Julia Gillard. There seems to be no doubt within the electorate that she will eventually be put to the political sword but it seems there are a few more scenes to film before that happens.

No good (bad?) soap is complete without the required villains. These are represented in this high political farce by the faceless men. Feared and loathed by most in their own party, few dare risk their ire through failing to pay appropriate homage. After all, when trouble strikes the main players turn to these men to save their skin.

And then there are the bit players; the nodding dolls who stand resolutely behind whomever they are told to for the television cameras, indicating their furious agreement. Sometimes they get to say a few lines of their own but their contribution it is generally limited to the state of parliamentary beef stroganoff or ‘lobotomised zombies’.

Of course, there are the obligatory extras. Sometimes these feature members of the public, carefully chosen from the Actors Equity Union membership list who can be relied upon not to steal the ‘on location’ scene from the main stars – think dining with sympathetic mummy bloggers rather than the punters at the Rooty Hill RSL.

Naturally these outside studio shots are fraught with danger lest a rogue extra stumble onto set and say something unscripted that’s not approved by the caucus focus group. Unfortunately for the publicists involved with this political soap opera, these ‘reality star’ moments are captured by independent cinematographers and can rarely be edited out of existence.

Now that we have the players, it seems that the plot takes care of itself. Surely no one who actually wrote a script along the lines of what we have borne witness to could ever be taken seriously.

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Senator Cory Bernardi a Senator for South Australia.